Key sustainability concepts

The sustainability cross-curriculum priority has been organised around three key concepts and includes nine organising ideas that outline the key knowledge, skills and understandings for the sustainability priority.

There are three key concepts: Systems, World views, and Futures.

1. Systems concept

The systems concept looks at the interdependent and changing nature of systems that support life on Earth. This concept also focuses on wellbeing and survival through the promotion of healthy social, economic and ecological systems. It is about big-picture thinking and creating solutions at a system level.

Example: Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia - A year on a farm (video & worksheet)

2. World views concept

The World views concept looks at sustainability issues in a global context.

This concept takes in a range of world views around social justice, values and ecosystems to be discussed and considered with actions by individuals and communities.

Example: ABC Splash - Downstream effects of the textile industry

3. Futures concept

The Futures concept is concerned with developing students who have the capacities to think and act to create more sustainable futures. It aims to develop critical and reflective thinking processes so young people can design actions that will lead to more sustainable futures that value social justice and equity.

Example: Cool Australia - Role play habitat meeting